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Coffee and a Book by nachtwulf Coffee and a Book by nachtwulf
Woot, it's Brother fanart! Yeah, like there's lots of /that/ out there.

I dunno, I've always really liked Brother. He's like... an industrial stompigoth, complete with blond mohawk, tattoos, and those damn suspenders of his. (Although, I /do/ have proof he doesn't have a tongue stud! Though you'd think he would.)

And while I know some people might argue that sitting and reading over a cup of java isn't very typical... I should remind people that he /did/ teach himself enough English/Common to make himself comprehensible (if not very well) in the space of only a few weeks, plus, he is the one that repaired the Celsius (testosterone wet dream that it is). So. He may be a big dorkus, but at least he's a -smart- dorkus...
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ethantconnelly Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011
BROTHER!!! he is beast on my bros blitz team. and also one of my fav al bhed
Kuurokaze Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Brother! Who I have developed a liking for over the last...5 hours playing blitzball trying to get Wakka's weapon in FFX @_@
FinalFantasy-Fan Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2005
NIce fanart of Brother. The first that i see too XDDD

I f you like the saga why not visit my club? XDDD ~FinalFantasy-Fan

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Togemon Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2005
Awww he's so cute :heart: Great pic!
MarinaYoshi Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2004
Hey, hey, HEY! It's Broooooother :D. God, I love brother - his lil' accent rawks :XD: .

I've always liked Brother too. I don't know what it is about him, but he is just so..."likeable"

Great job, Kudos!
miyamashi Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
BROTHER FANART!!! Nope, definately don't see much of that. You just have to love that doofus, even if he does have a crush on his own cousin...

Purtiful piccy, BTW.
amour Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2004
This is very simple and yet so detailed. That is great!
I like the scene but it lacks energy.
Good work!
Oh, and what kind of paper do you use to draw on? It is cool.
nightlilythefox Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004
Dude, Brother actually looks cool in your pic! Nightlily is not a Brother Fan, in fact he drives her nuts. And Nightlily is wondering why she is referring to herelf in the third person.Maybe she's part Ronso ...O_o; Nightlily will stop now. Hmm, there's an idea...have you ever drawn Kimahri, or any of the other Ronso? That would be cool to see. *hint hint* ^_^;
nachtwulf Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2004
I do have an OC Ronso that I used to have on DA. Not sure if he's still up or not, I may have taken the pic down. If you go through my gallery, look for a pic under 'Indy Art-Anthro' (or possibly Game) entitled 'Lydek Ronso'.
yasashiiame Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2003
Brother!! XD He's such a hoot! I like his pose and the shading...methinks I shall add this to mine favorites. ^_^ Good job on his tattoos as well. :)
zanarkandqueen Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2003
-pounces the piccy- :P I love it!! Brother-sama!!

GoblinQueeen Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2003
LOL! Yay, love Brother ;) So happy to see some nice fanart .
Osiris-Natia Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2003
=D All I can Say its a :+fav:
remmennin Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2003
Brother fanart! Finally! I love Brother. He's just so silly =D
yupKat Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
I like it. As usual. XD

But his head looks oddly mis-proportional, for some odd reason.
TheRedMoon Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003
Can Brother even act that calm? lol
stargal Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003  Hobbyist
I've never heard of Brother before, but I like your pic. I love his pants and suspenders! :D
stargal Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003  Hobbyist
Oh wait... I'm just a dork!! I didn't even think of FFX... ha ha silly me... ;)
descendant Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003
Woah, first Brother fan art i've seen. I never liked him as a character, but i always thought his design was really cool. Beautiful style you have goin here.
shiirumai Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003
Wow! I've never seen Brother fanart!! This is gorgeous work. I love it. :+fav:
recolated Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003
I don't want to know where you got the proof x)

<3 the picture. Dont mind my lazyness to type <3 instead of 'love' You get what I mean.
nachtwulf Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003
*laugh* Actually, I have the FFX Ultimania Omega, and in the back where it talks about free agent blitzers, there's a little watercolor portrait of Brother making this sort of 'Oi!' face and sticking his tongue out. I keep meaning to use it for a LiveJournal icon someday just because it's absurd.
recolated Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003
Thats great! Geez, some of the people they put in video games.. So funny, its hard not to love em.
teraphim Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003
Lovely lineart. =3 I like the...are they tatoos? =/ Whatever they are...they rock mah socks X3
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