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KH Wakka - 2yrs Post Game by nachtwulf KH Wakka - 2yrs Post Game by nachtwulf
Portrait of Wakka, the Kingdom Hearts version, but two years post game (and thus a bit more like his FFX self). I worked really hard to get the 'official art' style down, which meant wrestling with a coloring style I'm not used to.

What's the thing in the background? The Darkness? A wave, I dunno. It's something that needed to be there for balance.

And yes, if you check the canon art, he -does- have an earring. At fifteen, no less! What a rebel.
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Heartless-Keyblader Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
this is WIN!
Fatali-Tensei Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009
Fricking Sweet :D
ChibiGem Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
:wave: Congratulations! This was featured here: [link]

:trophy: :hug:
Little-Evil-Ballon Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2008
It totally fits the official square enix art. Especially the eyes.
Hreat work ^^
Freezebrood Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2008   Writer
Cute ^^
He's so dreamy
ClutchoftheGGs Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2007
i really like this!!
Death2Moogles Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow...You acually managed to pull a fangirl squeal outta' me! (and thats hard to do, I dont squeal often!) nice work!
Death2Moogles Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow...You acually managed to pull a fangirl squeal outta' me! (and thats hard to do, I dont squeal often!) nice work!
Kumi-MaxwellYuy Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006
Wow! It's such a rich, deep tech. Its's balenced so nicely and the color is wonderful! A definit :+fav:
The-DCG Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2005
AH! Some force- probably your great work at portraiting a favorite character- is forcing me to :+fav:. The coloring is great, the overall balance outstanding. If I had to whine, I'd say that he doen't look seventeen to me... But I in no way hold that against you, oh my no. Great work, very humbling. Please keep it up in the future!
fiercebloodlove Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2005
heh cutie!~kaida
mistywolf Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2003
Sezzy New Zealand dude *x*
matsu-odd Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2003
I must be going crazy because your picture makes him look like a pirate to me. Yep, I'm crazy.

Apart from my crazy-ness I'd have to repeat everyone else with the AWESOME statement.
brakish Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2003   Traditional Artist
just found this pic ^^ recently, i JUST got FFX (o.o took me long enough) and i've been having this huge Wakka craving! ^_^ and this, my friend, is a sweet picture. The coloring style is really close to KH, and atop that-- he looks awesome! I also like what you did in the background. it makes the picture even more interesting. O.o now, enough of my babble... i'm going to fav this ^.^
saturnmarieson Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2003
I stole my friend's print-out of this and starred at it for many minutes. Then she took it back. I could stare at this picture for hours!
lilithe Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2003
Love this Wakka! Good work!

goldenpride Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2003
How handsome ^_^ Looks just like the official art :D (Big Grin) I love how you did his goatee and sideburns. Awesome! :) (Smile)
maxxxor Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
Drool I love this!!! *adds to faves* Very professional-looking, and the background kicks some ass! Nice job!
KateBelangerArts Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Holly sh*t ! Just discovered your Wakka's pic ! One word: AWESOME ! I'm in love with red hair boy and Wakka too because he's way cute... + fav. !
walkingsoul Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2003
His so young. Brilliant. You've adapted your style so well.
kaohotplate Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003
hee hee ^_^ that earing is cool, too! I like the wave thing in the background! it's pretty - withthe blue/purple color and all. I think you did a realyl good job on the line art and the coloring! It looks very cool ^_^

weaseltear Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003   Traditional Artist
IIIIIT'S WAKKA! bless you for drawing him! he's my fav character. you did a great job, you should do more wakka pix
jameta Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003
Whoa... I commend you on tackling the coloring, as it is absolutely beautiful. Everything's smooth... And his eyes are deep, rich. His ear seems a bit small, but I can deal with that.
dwuff Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003  Professional General Artist
Very nice. Good, clean style.
comoda Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003
Wow! i really like your version of him. :D (Big Grin)
dyingpuppy Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003  Student Photographer
Very awesome job.. I'd say you conqured the style nicely. :) (Smile)
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