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August 19, 2004
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Portrait: Thirteen by nachtwulf Portrait: Thirteen by nachtwulf
Just a portrait drawing with minimal color added, but unlike the /other/ pic of Teeny, this one actually looks like him. For the record (and for those that didn't see the first one), Thirteen was part of the Jenova Project, and thus, has evolved to resemble the First. Although he differs in a few details, the most obvious being his considerably shaggier hairdo. He's also not completely bugsnickers, either, although he's still kind of out of it in some regards. He also is perpetually wondering why all these people he's never met are terrified of him.

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yupKat Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, I love this. It's very... nifty. ^^
miyamashi Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Absolutely awesome job! I lurve his hairdo.
AerithReborn Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
You know, he resembles Zack as well... As though he and Seph were able to have a child and all that... (yaoi fangirls rejoice). I would really love to know more about this character. He intrigues me.
MistressVixen Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2004
percing eyes . . . love the green . . . and his hair is cool, I want white hair! ... *looks at her black hair* Damnit.
celesprayer Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2004
Very cool... and I like the amount of attention you put into the story on your comments ^_^
AlkseeyaKC Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
This is cool. ^-^ I like his eyes! =D
lord-sesshoumaru Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2004
yay! more jenova fun!!! actually i have a real reason for dropping this note, just to say that i think that your style is similar to my friend maybe you should check her out and see what you think!

btw--very nice :+fav:
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