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Rhyen - Engineer of Darkness by nachtwulf Rhyen - Engineer of Darkness by nachtwulf
I've had the urge to go back through and do tweakage/redesign of a bunch of my characters. Rhyen is one of them.

He's an original character from (again) an online RPG that combines anime, video games, and other foo in one 'world'. Rhyen is an Unsent Al Bhed warrior who was killed during the destruction of Home.

Since then, in this mixed-world, he was pulled in by Ansem and made Heartless... and he makes a damn scary-ass one, too. This is just his human (mostly) form, plus a few Neo-Shadows. I think I like them best about this picture.
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Kyre Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2005
I really like that! And I'm impressed with how you made the shadows still look like they're protuding outward, instead of just holes in the page (as solid black usually looks)
FreddyC Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
great flowing, flows nicely.
thebebopcow Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well thats just damned creepy. This is incredibly close to some imagry I've been trying to develop for a character due for a graphic novel apperance. Mmmm. Great look, this. Guess I'd better go revise mine to prevent from looking like a ripoff.
lunaticenigma Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
Hot f**kin damn!! The body is to die for.. *drools*.. and the shadows, heartless peoples.. it's all just a superb drawing!! :+fav:
shivampire Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2003   Interface Designer
simply wonderful,
i like the color background and the color of the pic!
well done :)
yozora Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2003
The Neo-Shadows look mad wicked! o_O
remmennin Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2003
I really like the border around the edge of his body, the tendrils of darkness turning into the Heartless... it's done very well. ^^
yasashiiame Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2003
All of the detail looks great in this...the Neo-Shadows look awesome as well. :)
Luthienquendi Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
WOW! that's totaly amazing...*drool*
AtropaGrimm Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003   Digital Artist
The single sort of tawny shade is amazing! Gotta love the little things around it too.
amour Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
There is just so much to say about this piece. You are such an amazing artist man and I love how you combine Square games and such into your art. I really wish i could draw as well as you and such blah blah.
Anyhow, I love this guy. He looks like an evil engineer so much. I love his sheer expression of half evil/ half human and his face is just uber-detailed. His hair is so realistic and spot on that this looks like one of the pre-drawings for something that will be in a game. The overall body is amazingly drawn and the shoulder looks great and evil but not too much. The tatoo work looks well and works with the image but the only part I actually see something that could be better is on the left side of the shoulder tattoo looks a bit flat and not on his person. However, the shading is amazing everywhere. You have an unbelievable eye for detail as shown in the pants and all the individual pieces such as the heartless and smoke wiffs things. The claw is eeeeebil and very well drawn.
I am amazed by your art every time and am adding this to favorites. Keep drawing man.
Also, do you think it would be possible for me to request you to draw something? I mean you have such amazing talent and everything.
Thanks a lot man.
Great work and keep working.

P.S. Check out my gallery if you have the chance.
amour Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
Wow, i just cant say enough about your pictures.
You are honestly one of the best artists i've actually stopped to look at and the fact that you combine Square stuff in your pictures is just amazing.
I love his expression and his physique and his sheer realism. Not one part of this picture looks off or over the top. The shoulders are great especially the dark one that's gone eeeebil.
li-xiang Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
All I can think while looking at this picture is "Yummy" ^_______^
kaihzu Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
As usual, another great piece of yours. I can't get over your b&w pieces. :D
ChaosRune Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
wolffsart Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
wow,awesome picture you got here. Did you draw this on a paper that looks wrinkly like that or is it just an effect done in PS?
nachtwulf Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
It was drawn, like almost everything I do, on tracing paper. The original is about 4"x5.5" and is in pencil. All the color and effects are usually done in photoshop, in this case, using the Texturizer filter. I also only use one pencil, a 2H 'lead-holder' type drafting pencil.
gryphonworks Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Love the detail you put into your pics... awesome work! :)
kaishimablade Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
that so f****** cool!!! wow the designs are kickass and the claw is so great!
lastevil Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
awesome shadows. great work.
whitetiger Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2003
wow... amazing pic - excellent work on body!

somehow it makes me think of Fallout...
kurumidesu Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2003
bwaa ha ha ha i get 1st comment ^_^ i luv it truly the tibal feel is awsome
artoni Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
...Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. I want to him to death. VIVA LA EVIL! ^^;
artoni Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful...simply beautiful. I want to him. ^^; Viva la evil!
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