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Zaidus Beldeen - Ice Pirate by nachtwulf Zaidus Beldeen - Ice Pirate by nachtwulf
Well, unlike the movie, he's not a pirate that steals ice, rather, he's an air pirate that happens to have a big ice-elemental hangup.

Revised character design for an original idea set in the Guilty Gear universe. He used to look a lot like Tidus (note the name similarity) but it didn't make sense. Now, I think he looks kinda like a palette-swapped Jack Sparrow, but at least he -looks- like a pirate now.

And I promise, he's /way/ less obnoxious than Johnny.
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ArcticRogue Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
I am working on something for a game with class changing, and one final thief class is an "Elemental Pirate", and this picture here makes me crazy happy that someone else thought of a "Frost Corsair".
fan05 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello! You draw very good, you know? I think that yes lol in brief, if you like the pirates, one of my friends writes a story which speaks about it I wanted to ask you if you shall agree to make him a fanart ** made my eyes of cats too cute ** because your drawings are really magnificent and because I shall like seeing her characters drawn by you ^^she has a blog of her story : [link] she is french...but she is speak english ^^
LenHirogashi Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2006
Well done. I like it. <3
MagusStorm Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2004
Cool outfit. I like it:clap:
Celestial-SeraphiMan Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2003   Writer
Magnificent work this is!
sakito Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
ooo i like. *TACKLES*
Brightsun301 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2003
Soooo shiny! My likes. Only... No insulting Johnny!! *poke* ;)
adorna Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
I just love the outfit :) great design!
elrothiel Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dudette! THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Seriously! I see what you mean about the whole palette swapped Cap'n Jack thing. BTW, HE'S NOT OBNOXIOUS!!!!! X X;) I downloaded the MP3 of his theme off of Kazaa! Sorry to have to bombard you with random pieces of strange information, but I felt that was necessary for my (in)sanity.
Anyhoo, this dude is SHEXY!!! I have to keep scrolling up to look at him while I'm writing this comment! Why can't the comment box be at the top so I can look at him while I comment!!? WHYYYYY!!!!??
I love the blueness! And the SWORD!!! That is one COOL sword! I want that sword *takes sword and runs off, accidentally poking lots of people with it*
Anyhoo, please I love this! Please comment on my images! I need comments to help fund research for Chronic Rambling Disorder, aka CRD. Every day, lots of people are becoming annoyed at the constant rambling caused by the aforementioned virus. Please. Leave a comment.
Ja ne!
Elróthiel, the Insane Elven Goddess of Hilariosity and Laughter!
PS: NIRVANA ROCK!!!!! :nirvana:
xshiny Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2003
i adore the coloring in this! you did a fantastic job ^.^ keep up the great work! and btw i love his outfit!
devils-courtesan Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
....I so wish i could colour that way...what did you use? Photoshop? Everyone seems to use it. *ish stuck with paint shop pro*...Anyway..i think its brilliant..nothing wrong with it deserve it, sweetheart ^^
foreverdelayed Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
wow, thats amazing. im so jealous.
jack sparrow isnt obnoxious.
REBEL808 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2003
Thats one of the most detailed pirates I seen here.
purinpuff Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2003
Wow, I love the look on his face and the color combination. That ice blue is so nice to look at.
revolverocelot Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2003
kick ass drawing, love the color
yulii Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2003
wow i love this too......!!!!!!
majinyogibear Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2003
Wow....i love the drawing, the pose and the colourings superb!!! def a +fav (thanx ~musela for showing me this one)^_^
musela Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2003
O.O Whoa!.. like he looks really good!... :love:

Excellent job on the lineart and shading!... love the blue... *stares* love the man... *koff*... Did I say that?... Must be thinking with my outside voice... lol... ;) Very good job!.. :heart:
greekamazon Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooh. He is so very blue. ^^ Nice character design. I love his boots, and wish to steal and own them. And I really, really like the way that you've coloured this piece. Especially the feather.
As a crit, I think the head is a touch too small, but that's a minor problem. I really like this picture.

m-t-copyright Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003
cool pic I reeeally like the sword ... I have guilty gear ( just the play station one ) and I played the other one's but have yet to own any of the new ones but when I get a chance to play the game again I will definetly try using that character he looks damn cool.
nachtwulf Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003

Zaidus is an original character based on the world, not a canon one. Though I'm flattered you think my design looks official. If you want a pirate in the actual game, there's Johnny and May (although May is a little girl, and probably not your speed... but she does fight with a giant anchor!)
m-t-copyright Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2003
Are you serious? wow... it looks so... so real? err... offical yeah I wish he was actually in the game he's cool.
spacefurry Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003
cool character design
i like it ^.^
btw - i loved that movie :D
meow :fella:
ruriko Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003
O.O Whoa!!! SwEEt!!! :: bows down to the ice pirate ::
jameta Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003
Ooooooo...:drool: Lovely colors and looks. The design is wlel done, too. Great job! :w00t: + fav.
makosoldier Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003
:worship: Thats really good! :worship:
kuraitenshi Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003  Professional Filmographer
The coloring on the boots are great! Love the designs. And thw sword.....that just kicks ass.
kecen Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003
What a great idea. I like the mist around the sword(or whatever it's called).
kaihzu Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003
I envy you and wish to be your apprentice!! :praise:
kaihzu Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003
uhhh ooops.. that emoticon didn't work too well.. *runs away in shame*
gryphonworks Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice! Love the ice sword. :D Cool character design, too! :heart:
darkratkingx Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003
looks great as always, diggin the clothing design and use of colors
lastevil Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003
beautiful. very very nifty. :D. the blue and ice type color is amazeing. great job.
lostlonepup Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2003
Beautifully done. -grins- I love the color... -bluuuue!-
petrifiedkitten Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2003   Writer
OO;;; Bloody fantastic xD
baby221 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2003
Very awesome. Lovin that sword ;)
freakledlioness Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2003
he's not as sexy (in my opinion) as johnny. but damn he's sexy!
baka-chan Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2003
I love the outfit design and I love the sword! Not to mention he's really cute!

He can steal my booty anyday!! :giggle:
thetigress Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
Great job on the sword and the colors!:D
StarrenPiece Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
*_* He's sexy!
Anurizm Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2003
nice :)
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